We are dedicated to building a platform that simplifies the contract process.

A Lexagle Promise to you

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The Lexagle icon is our promise to customers of utmost trust, compliance, and reliability. We will never sell or use your data and you will never find your logos on any of our materials. Your usage of our platform is completely anonymous.

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We believe in building trust between you and your stakeholders. Feel at ease executing documents with our electronic signature verification and authorisation system.

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From templates to workflows, we deliver only the highest quality work products that have been tried and tested to work in a myriad of legal and business environments.

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We are committed to protecting your confidentiality and maintaining the highest standards of data privacy. We use homomorphic encryption to make sure your data is safe and always encrypted.

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All our tools are subject to stringent audit and certification to meet your organisation’s compliance needs.

We promise utmost trust, compliance, and reliability to our customers.

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Contract management for the entire contract lifecycle.

Lexagle can be used by anybody who works with agreements: From legal teams, business teams, SMEs, startups and law firms, Lexagle provides for all your contract management needs.