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Agreement StakeholdersCammy HedlingJason WalkerAubrey Cummings
TASKASSIGNED TOIrene LeeRachel Lim & othersSarah Valdez & othersCaleb AndrewsIrene Lee
REMOVED “Distributor shall use reasonable commercial efforts to purchase and sell during each calendar year at least…[Changes] Serv …ent.docxIrene LeeI will run this by legal to make sure they are good with removal request.

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D.O.T. Non Disclosure Agreement FOR SENDING
Server Supplier AgreementFOR SIGNING
Server Supplier AgreementSIGNED
Server Supplier AgreementFOR DRAFTING
Viewed by Helen Zhoa Dec 12 20192:39 PMEdited by Cammy Hedling Jan 17, 202012:33 PMSent out by Rachel LeeJan 17, 202012:33 PMMarked signed by Eric JohnsonJan 17, 202012:53 PMNova Pte Ltd.Distribution Agreement12 Dec 2019
Expires Mar 12, 2020RV-II Distribution AgreementAgrees to not exceed 380.00 per hour
Nova Centre Pte Ltd. viewed your contract2 hrs ago
Review ChangesREMOVED “Distributor shall use reasonable commercial efforts to purchase and sell during each calendar year at least…Seeing Who Made Changes And Where Is CrucialRachel Lim

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