Lexagle for Sales

Close deals at the speed of business

Lexagle empowers sales teams to win deals faster by accelerating the sales and agreement cycle and ditching the back and forth.

With Lexagle, everything is in one platform, with CRM integrations for tools like Salesforce and HubSpot just as you need it.

Turbocharge your sales function with Lexagle today!

Get your contracts done faster because your business depends on it

Lexagle for Sales

Generate contracts on the fly

Lexagle is designed to be a self-service platform for sales teams — anyone can get started on a template from scratch or use their existing company’s templates to get deals moving.

Lexagle for Sales

Ditch the back and forth

Collaborate with your legal team using automated redlines, or invite your counterparties to collaborate directly on Lexagle to eliminate wasted time on waiting for emails.

Lexagle for Sales

Sign faster with integrated workflows

Turbocharge your agreements with integrated approvals and directly send your contracts to your customers in one sitting.

Unlock insights from your business and improve your pipeline

Lexagle for Sales

Identify contracting bottlenecks

Easily pick out the gaps in your contract lifecycle and know where exactly to optimise your processes to avoid losing deals.

Lexagle for Sales

Generate value-driven reports

Understand the key terms of your contracts at a glance, and leverage historical insights to identify opportunities for upsell and expansion.

Lexagle for Sales

Integrate with your CRM

Lexagle integrates with Salesforce and other leading CRMs, ensuring you can effectively track each stage of the sales cycle for your own reporting needs.

Why Sales Teams Love Lexagle

We make contracts spark joy for sales teams across Asia

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See how Lexagle can help turbocharge your sales function.

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