We’re driven to capture the whole contracting process, and to make contracts spark joy for everyone.

Lexagle is founded by a team of lawyers and tech experts, driven by a mission to make contracts easy and joyful for everyone. We know from firsthand experience that elements of the contracting process are too often tricky and complicated, and we set out to change that.

The core values at the heart of our company and our product

We innovate
to simplify.

We innovate to make a positive difference for our users.

We put our users first.

We want Lexagle users to feel joy, comfort, and fulfillment when they use our product.

We put integrity at the core.

We are ethically unyielding and are committed to transparency and security.

We strive for perfection.

We set our standard towards excellence, and we're unrelenting until we get there.

Lexagle in Numbers

Year founded
$1 Billion +
Year founded
Contracting spaces created

Our Founders

“Contracts are the heart of business: whether you’re buying something, selling something, or hiring someone, there is always a contract involved. However, 95% of the businesses in the world still manage their contracts manually, losing millions of dollars in inefficiencies.

Lexagle is here to change that. We provide a modern, holistic platform that empowers organizations to drive agreements. We focus on simplicity and intuitive design so that our customers see immediate value in their investment.”
Gerald Heng

Our Offices

Lexagle is headquartered in Singapore, with a country office in the Philippines. In addition, our distributors cover the entire Asia Pacific region.
Our global headquarters
Our country office

By equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we all tackle the world's problems better, together.

Join our growing team of passionate movers and build the next generations of contracts together with us.