The Lexagle guide to eSignatures

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Why use eSignatures?

eSignatures are quickly becoming the de-facto way to sign documents, especially after COVID-19. eSignatures are not only recognisable in court, but they also help spearhead business efficiency with several key benefits.

Increased flexibility with signing on the go

eSignatures can be applied on your phone to your computer, ensuring that your business stays on the go when you conduct business on the go.

Easier experience for you and your signatories

eSignatures can be applied painlessly, with the back-and-forth happening quickly over emails. Furthermore, you can easily customise your signatory’s experience digitally — ensuring an easier experience for all parties involved.

Improved operational efficiency

eSignatures mean that you can easily streamline your contract signing, by ensuring all your documents only pass through one platform.

Find the documents you need easily

Using a dedicated eSignature platform means that you can easily find the documents you need with the proper access controls, so that your contacts don’t fall into the wrong hands.

The details on eSignatures and their legality

eSignatures are legally binding because they authenticate, track, and store signatures and signatory information at every stage of a document’s lifecycle.

Similar to hard copy signatures, eSignatures can be uniquely identified to every signer, with added layers of authentication such as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) by SMS and phone.

Every eSignature has a unique Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is a unique sequence of encrypted numbers. These string of numbers help to record the date and time of signing, along with the signatory’s IP address.

eSignatures are acceptable in most countries and jurisdictions wherever a signatory is required by law. The use cases for eSignatures is dependent on the jurisdiction you are in. Lexagle’s eSignature meets the requirement for being a valid eSignature, compliant with the ESIGN Act in the United States and eIDAS and EU electronic signature standards.

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