Lexagle for Procurement

Negotiate better with counterparties and uncover insights into your contracts

We help ensure that procurement teams drive and derive business value by giving them a centralized platform to monitor all contracting purchases, along with information on obligations and renewals. Uncover contractual insights with Lexagle today!

Manage procurement spending with unparalleled visibility

Lexagle for Sales

Search all your suppliers and vendor contracts

Lexagle’s deep search helps you find every supplier contract and review agreement details and key terms without having to download the contract PDFs or DOC files.

Lexagle for Sales

Contextualise your obligations and risk for all procurement use cases

See all the obligations and T&Cs of all your supplier contracts, so you can quickly identify opportunities for saving costs during renewals.

Lexagle for Sales

Track comprehensively and down to the last detail

Lexagle keeps track of every change you or your counterparty made across different agreement renewals, giving you an edge while negotiating with your suppliers.

Why Procurement Teams Love Lexagle

We make contracts spark joy for procurement teams across Asia.

in savings through Lexagle optimisations
8 months
for payback for mid-sized enterprises in Asia
tasks automated daily to ERPs from Lexagle
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See how Lexagle can help supercharge procurement for your organisation.

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