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Discover Lexagle’s powerful and intuitive features

We’ve mastered contract management so you won’t have to. Focus on growing your business and let our platform handle the rest.

How Lexagle Transforms Businesses

We offer a fully customisable contract management platform with a range of powerful features, including intuitive contract creation, automated document tracking, seamless collaboration, and secure electronic signatures.

Minimise Risks

Track all document changes, ensure fulfilment of contractual obligations, and increase likelihood of contract renewal with streamlined contracting.

Increase Revenue

Reduce the contract lifecycle duration by automating workflows and providing a single secure platform for multi-party collaboration.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate tedious manual tasks and allocate more resources to higher-yield assignments.

Minimise Risks

Track all document changes, ensure fulfilment of contractual obligations, and increase likelihood of contract renewal with streamlined contracting.

Manage all stages of your contract management lifecycle from end-to-end with Lexagle.

  • Clause and Obligations Tracker
  • Contract Analytics and Management View™
  • Audit Trail and Log
  • Document Management
  • Document EasyShare
  • Lexagle Vault
  • Signing Room™
  • Unlimited Digitally Certified eSignatures
  • Counterparty Verification
  • Template Repository and Clause Library
  • Template Builder
  • Lexagle AI™  Contract Review
  • Counterparty Engagement
  • Encrypted Chatrooms
  • .
  • Workflow Designer
  • Task and Workflow Management
  • .

Revolutionise Your Workflow with Lexagle's
Core Capabilities

Lexagle's core features are designed with you in mind. Explore the powerful tools and functionalities designed to streamline your contract management process, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance.

Contract Generation

Eliminate manual input by populating agreements with a single form.

Ensure compliance by establishing clear rules and guidelines governing agreements, generated through your very own rule-based workflows.


View all your pending tasks and access documents requiring your attention with a single click.

Categorize your workspaces based on your preference and easily search documents using keyword tags.

Monitor the progress of active contracts and prompt users to address outstanding items.

Negotiations, Approvals, and Contract Signing

Facilitate seamless cross-party communication with our Internal and External Rooms.

Upload an agreement straight from your contract dashboard.

Set required approvals prior to signing any contract.

Vault, Reports, and Analytics

Protect your confidential documents using Lexagle Vault's secure cloud storage.

Generate reports based on completed contracts.

Gain actionable insights to improve your overall contracting process.

Obligations Tracking

Monitor all existing obligations organized by categories and due dates.

Get automated notifications for time-sensitive action items.

Set personal reminders for upcoming tasks and meetings.


Microsoft Azure and OAuth for Single Sign-On are built into the platform for free.

Custom integrations are also available via API or batch import and export.

Legacy and On-Premise Systems may also be accommodated.

Legal Intake Management

Fully configurable to ensure that all types of legal requests can be captured within the platform.

Quick assign function is available to automatically assign complex matters to the general counsel or head of legal.

Track responses for legal requests and measure productivity, such as time to respond and the number of matters each counsel is handling at any time.

Compliant with industry standards approved
by tech and legal experts

Cloud-Based Deployment

Lexagle is powered by Amazon Web Services and is hosted in Singapore for production servers while operating in multiple zones for system robustness.

ISO 27001 Certified

Lexagle is ISO / IEC 27001 certified and is secure to manage assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details, and other kinds of sensitive information.

See how Lexagle can help your team work in tandem with business better.

Contact us for a 15-minute demo today or to discuss how Lexagle can best fit your organisation’s needs!