What is contract management?

Contract management is the process of managing the entire contract lifecycle from the creation of a contract, contract negotiation, signing, storage, and retrieval.

How does a contract management platform benefit your organisation?

It digitizes and automates the contract process which results in less time required to get from initial discussions to a signed contract.

It provides management and legal teams greater visibility regarding the organization’s contract processes.

It preserves deal value by ensuring faster contracting times and the provision of contract analytics that help organizations make better data-driven contracting decisions.

It automates the entire contracting process of an organization from contract drafting, compliance tracking, approval gathering, signing, storage, and retrieval.

It allows management or legal teams to track contract terms in real-time across the organization and to ensure that contract policies are adhered to.

What to consider when looking for a contract management platform

Electronic signatures
Integrated task management and audit trails
Integrated document management
Ability to collaborate internally and with counterparties
Support for complex workflows
Analytics and report generation

Discover the Lexagle contract management platform

Lexagle lets you create, collaborate, sign, and manage all your contracts in one centralised platform. With Lexagle, you have:

  • All the tools you need for contracts in one platform
  • All your contracts in one place
  • An easy-to-learn and easy-to-use solution
  • A flexible system designed for the most demanding enterprises
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Streamline your contract management process with Lexagle and accelerate your business.

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