Eliminate contracting bottlenecks and work in tandem with business

Lexagle for Sales

Create workflows easily

Lexagle’s no-code workflow designer helps you set up pre-defined workflows for your organisation, ensuring that documents flow through the right approval process with the legal team.

Lexagle for Sales

Streamline legal approval work

Everything you need to review and approve contracts is all in one platform, along with automated redlining and streamlined versioning. On top of that, Lexagle allows you to assign tasks within the platform so you can keep track of Legal’s capacity and output easily.

Lexagle for Sales

Build a single source of truth

By collaborating with your business teams in Lexagle, every change is tracked and can be viewed via a complete audit trail — with all versions, edits, comments, and actions kept in the platform. We help legal ensure that businesses remain compliant pre- and post-contracting, ensuring that Legal remains the custodian of truth.

Empower the legal function and boost efficiency

Lexagle for Sales

Standardise all contracts with customizable templates

Use your own organization’s templates, configure them, or easily build templates from scratch using Lexagle’s template builder and editor.

Lexagle for Sales

Ensure clause consistency across all templates

Our clause library helps ensure that your team is always using the most updated clauses at any point in time, with automatic updates that can be triggered across all new templates.

Why Legal Teams Love Lexagle

We make contracts spark joy for legal teams across Asia.

time savings on contract administration
$1 Billion
worth of contracts processed since 2019
man-days saved per legal employee
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See how Lexagle can help your legal team work in tandem with business better.

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