Lexagle for SMES

Next-generation contracting to help your company scale

Empower your business by establishing contracting processes & contract automation

Lexagle’s contract management solutions are trusted by small & mid-size enterprises across Asia, and are versatile for use across multiple across multiple industries and departments.

Flexible across industries such as healthcare, financial services, banking & REIT management

Versatile for various departmental uses across legal, procurement, sales, IT and more

Lexagle's full set of features covers everything you need to help your organisation scale.

Standardise the contracts you use

We help your organisation establish standard contract templates, while ensuring configurability to your required specifications — making the tedious job of drafting contracts easier and quicker to accomplish.

Sign documents on the go with legally-binding eSignatures

Lexagle manages the start-to-end for contracts, ensuring you have a single source of truth for all your contracts. This means better compliance & a more accurate audit trail for every contract, easy standardisation across teams, and comprehensive contractual reporting.

Integrate with the existing tools you use for work

Lexagle integrates with a couple of different software used within your company — from Microsoft Outlook, Slack to HubSpot — so that you have the benefit of keeping your existing tools, while ensuring a seamless integration with a contract management platform.

Automated tracking of contractual obligations

Lexagle tracks important obligations & key terms of your contracts, so you don’t have to. Lexagle’s automated reporting ensures that you are always in control of your contracts — even after it has been signed, so you never miss a renewal again.

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Supercharge your organisation’s growth with contract management that helps you scale

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