What are the Different Types of Contracts?

What are the Different Types of Contracts?

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Joy Cunanan
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April 6, 2022
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Types of Contracts

Types of Contracts

There is a world of contracts to discover if you’re running a business. Here are some contracts that you are likely to encounter: 

1. General Business Contracts 

This type of contract is related to a business structure and how parties are protected under certain agreements. This includes partnership agreements, indemnity agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and property and equipment leases. 

2. Bill of Sale

A bill of sale legally documents a sale transaction that may be absolute or conditional. It is typically used when the ownership of a property or asset is transferred from one party to another. 

3. Employment Agreement

This is a legal agreement that ties together a client and a service provider or an employer and an employee and would define the conditions of engagement or employment. 

4. Licensing Contract

A licensing contract involves a licensor granting the licensee the right to perform the following: apply for a brand name or trademark, manufacture and distribute products or use patented technology under the name of the licensor. 

5. Promissory Note

This contract is frequently used as a debt instrument in which the payer promises to pay the payee a specific amount of money at a certain date, reduced to a written document. 

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