Lexagle, Asia’s Leading Contract Management Provider, Secures Coveted Spot on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2023 List

Lexagle, Asia’s Leading Contract Management Provider, Secures Coveted Spot on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2023 List

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Joy Cunanan
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September 28, 2023
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Singapore, 30 August 2023 – Lexagle, Asia's leading contract management provider headquartered in Singapore, is included in the prestigious Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2023 list. This recognition solidifies Lexagle's reputation as an industry trailblazer and affirms its commitment to reshaping the contract management landscape through innovative solutions and advanced technology.

The third edition of the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list released yesterday featured companies from all over the region that cater to underserved markets or apply new technologies.

Lexagle's inclusion as the sole legal tech solutions provider in this year's Forbes Asia 100 to Watch highlights the company's unique and powerful role in revolutionizing contract management practices. It also underscores the company’s goal to elevate efficiency and transparency within the legal technology sector.

The Lexagle contract management platform enables businesses to automate repetitive manual tasks, mitigate risks, identify bottlenecks, and establish data-driven strategies involved in the contracting process. Lexagle is trusted by governments, Forbes Asia’s Top 200 companies, publicly listed companies, global financial institutions, REITs, and non-profit organizations who have all experienced The Lexagle Difference. 

Lexagle offers unique value by streamlining the contract lifecycle from end to end, empowering organizations to drive business growth through collaboration and effective governance. Lexagle makes contracting automated, structured, and painless so teams can focus on higher-value tasks.

"Being acknowledged by Forbes Asia is a testament to Lexagle's earnest efforts to improve what was then a challenge that we wanted to solve: an absence of any standalone software to support legal and contract management," said Lexagle CEO Gerald Heng. “Legal tech startups are rarely the subject of mainstream and social media, and we are very honoured that Lexagle was included as the only legal tech startup in this year’s list.“

About Lexagle

Lexagle is Asia's leading contract management provider, committed to streamlining and enhancing the contracting process across organizations in every industry. It empowers businesses to simplify contract complexities, facilitate seamless collaboration, and harness data-driven insights, to drive operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Lexagle, Asia’s Leading Contract Management Provider, Secures Coveted Spot on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2023 List
Joy Cunanan
Joy is the Digital Transformation Manager at Lexagle. As a marketing professional in the Tech and B2B industry for over seven years, she is always on the lookout for the next best solution in the ever-changing online world. With a passion for helping businesses thrive and optimize operations, she shares her expertise in the power of contract lifecycle management and its capacity of easing the contracting process for busy organizations worldwide.

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