How to Create e-Signatures

How to Create e-Signatures

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Joy Cunanan
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April 6, 2022
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Creating e-Signatures

How to Create e-Signatures

e-Signatures simplify lives and offer a more up-to-date method of verifying the signatories' identities. These are frequently used in electronic documents like Word or PDF files. Here are a few methods for producing e-Signatures:

  1. Upload your Handwritten Signature. Making an e-Signature by simply writing your name on a piece of paper, taking a photo of it, and uploading it to a digital device is one of the easiest and most easy methods available.
Upload your Handwritten Signature
  1. Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is one of the easiest platforms where you can create digital signatures. Along with your contact details, such as your work title, phone number, and email address, you can include a signature line.
Create Your Signature Using Microsoft Word
  1. Google Docs. Google Docs is another one of the easiest platforms to use. You can use the scribbling feature to make your e-Signature and choose its size and placement.
Create Your Signature Using Google Docs
  1. Lexagle Signing Room. By uploading, typing, or drawing your signature on a document, you can digitally sign it through Lexagle's Signing Room. When finished, just click Confirm & Sign to add your signature.
Create Your Signature Using Lexagle's Signing Room

Your business will greatly benefit from a software that provides not only an e-Signature feature, but also other functionalities that address the common pain points in the contract lifecycle. Lexagle offers a user-friendly and comprehensive platform to manage your contracts and improve your business processes. Book a demo today to discover robust contracting solutions.

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